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The Nokia 1600 is a part of Nokia's Ultrabasic series of mobile phones released in late 2005. The 1600 is designed for prepaid mobile phone services and is related to the Nokia 1100. It is notable in that it was originally released specifically to be used by customers in developing countries.[1] The phone is noted for its durability and resilience to accidental drops.

Additional features[]

The Nokia 1600 mobile has a speaking clock, which was a novel feature when the phone was launched in 2005. A user could use the speaking clock by pressing the asterisk ("*") button during the display of the home screen.

The phone also includes a ringtone composer which allows creating custom ringtones. Pre-composed ringtones can be transferred through a data cable.

The phone has a basic calculator which can perform only addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

There are 14 pre-defined themes with 14 wallpapers and menu backgrounds.

The menu features animated icons.


Game title\world region Asia Europe & Africa Argentina USA
Pocket Carrom Yes
Soccer League Yes Yes Yes
Cricket Cup Yes
Snake Xenzia Yes
Rapid Roll Yes Yes Yes
Dice Games Yes Yes
Adventure Quiz Yes