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The Nokia 230 is a feature phone that was announced in November 2015 and released in December 2015 under the aquisition of the Microsoft Corporation and is available in 2 SIM configurations: Single SIM and Dual SIM. Initially, this phone was available in 2 colors: Black and Silver, but following the release of Nokia 106 (2018), 2 new color options have been added: Dark Blue and Gray. The main operating system is Series 30+.

A unique trait this phone has are the 2 camera positions: One 2MP camera with a lower flashlight in the rear, while the other 2MP camera is located on the front; also bundled with a flashlight. While the phone does have, according to official sources, 16MB of storage, it should not be confused with internal storage for keeping the files inside the phone as Nokia 230 has about 1MB of storage for holding the files.


  • Nokia 230 can be considered as a "Flagship" feature phone mainly because of it's large display, dual positioned cameras and flashlights, and a big battery (whom the battery model "BL-4UL" is shared with the 2017 counterpart of Nokia 3310.