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Nokia 5110
My 5110 B&W.jpg
Screen 47 x 84 B/W
Camera None
Default ringtone monophonic ringtones
Memory card None
Physical size 48 x 132 x 31 mm
Weight ?
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Nokia 5110 is a Nokia GSM mobile phone model. It was released in 1998. At one point it was said to be the most popular mobile telephone in the world.

The consumer oriented 5110 shared the same platform as the Nokia 6110 targeted at the business market. It had a simpler user interface and lacked an infrared port.

Although considered bulky by today's ultra-slim standards, the Nokia 5110 (also known as the Nokia 5146 on One2One (now T-Mobile), or nk402 on Orange in the UK) was rugged, had excellent battery life and was one of the first phones to feature the game Snake. It performed all the basic mobile phone functions well. It was also one of the first phones with a replaceable faceplate, allowing users to customize their mobile. The Nokia 5110 was discontinued in 2001, being replaced by other slimmer, more compact mobiles. This is considered by many consumer analyst and technology experts as the mobile phone to change the game, making mobile phones and mobile phone technology easier to use and more accessible to the general public.

The Nokia 5110 is also well known for its interface and operational feasibility. The Nokia 5110 was famously used by the character Agent Dana Scully of the X-Files television series. It formed more advanced models in the Nokia family such as the Nokia 3210.


In the Asia Pacific region, Nokia launched a successor to the 5110, the 5110i. The 5110i has a longer talktime and standby time and has a more ergonomic, redesigned, silicone keypad.

While the Nokia 5110 operates only on 900MHz GSM networks, the 5130 operates on 1800MHz GSM networks instead, and was marketed by Orange in the UK as the nk402.

The North American Variant of this handset is the Nokia 5190 which is a 1900 Mhz only GSM handset. There was also a North American version of the 5110i, the 5125.

The Nokia 5160/Nokia 5165 with TDMA/IS-136 service on 800 MHz and 1900 MHz and analog AMPS service at 800 MHz is the same handset form. The Nokia 5120 is a TDMA/IS-136 handset that operates on 800 MHz and also on AMPS at 800 MHz.

The Nokia 5180i/Nokia 5185i are CDMA/AMPS handsets

The external antenna of the 5110 can be mechanically tweaked by some mobile phone technicians to make it internal, by replacing it with a streamlined back cover. Some users who have had their antennas modified have experienced fluctuating, or if not, zero network reception.