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Nokia N97 is a touch screen "mobile computer" in the Nseries of smartphones by Nokia, with a fold-out QWERTY keyboard.

Announced on 2 December 2008,[1][2][3] the N97 is Nokia's second touchscreen phone (after the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic) that is based on Symbian OS (S60 5th edition).

The Nokia N97 was released in US flagship stores on 9 June 2009[4] and on 26th June 2009 was released worldwide. In September 2009 it was reported that two million N97 handsets had been sold in three months following its release.[5]

The N97 ships with trial versions of Quick Office, Adobe reader, Boingo and JoikuSpot Premium as well as Nokia's own Ovi Maps and Ovi store. The initial software had mixed reception, prompting the release of new firmware in October 2009. Nokia released the new firmware with kinetic scrolling for the N97 to address the major issues present in the firmware the device launched with. However, the new firmware still causes problems with some functions of the device.

Operating times[]

Informal tests have shown that the battery can last nearly two days with regular use of the phone's various features.[6] Nokia quote the following claimed operating times

  • Talk time: Up to 6.0 hours (3G), 9.5 hours (GSM)
  • Standby time: Up to 17 days (3G), 18 days (GSM)
  • Video playback: Up to 4.5 hours (offline mode)
  • Video recording: Up to 3.6 hours (offline mode)
  • Music playback: Up to 40 hours (offline mode)

Digital TV[]

With the optional DVB-H Nokia Mobile TV Receiver, SU-33W it is possible to watch television on the phone.


On occasion, the camera lens cover of the N97 can cause scratches on the lens. Nokia has acknowledged that on many devices the cover is mounted too closely to the lens so that dust and debris can cause scratches.[7]

On later models however, this issue seems to have been resolved.

Nokia N97 Mini[]

The N97 Mini is a downsized version of the N97 and has been available since October 2009. The N97 Mini downsized some features of the original N97, such as 8 GB of storage memory, 3.2 inch touchscreen, removal of FM transmitter and a shorter battery life. It uses the 2.0 Nokia N97 software by default.[8]
A limited edition called the N97 mini Raoul Limited Edition has been released in relation with fashion house FJ Benjamin and the Raoul brand. It also features the new Fashion Asia widget and went on sale in late October 2009 in Malaysia and Singapore.[9]



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