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These are all the Nokia tune types

  • The first one is the 1994 version, it's monophonic. It was first known as Type 5, 7 or 13, then it was given the name Grande Valse in 1997, staring on the Nokia 6110. Then renamed Nokia tune in 1999. There is a different version included on the Nokia 2110. Then it was lower pitch (the most known one), on phones like the Nokia 3310. there is a higher pitch version on the Nokia 3210. Another one like the 3120 is used on the Nokia 9110 and 9210 Communicators. It is in the .nrt format
  • Next in the line comes the polyphonic version from 2002, included on the Nokia 3510. It is in the .mid format. The last phone to use this was Nokia 7070 Prism.
  • Next in line comes an unknown polyphonic version from 2003. It is only on the Nokia 2300. You will not get it on any other phone. In the .mid format. It is not downloadable.
  • Next comes the tune from 2004. It is the realtone piano version. It is in many different formats. The .aac format is on the Nokia 7900 Prism, the .mp3 version is on the Nokia 2630, and finally on the .mid format, it is included on the Nokia 2600, the Nokia 1200, Nokia 1650 etc.
    • On the Nokia 3220, and a few others, have a chimy piano tone. Also .mid format.
    • Another variant is a more mellow one, used on the Nokia 8800 series.
  • Next comes the 2008 version, in the .aac and .mp3 format. It is the acoustic guitar. Included on phones such as the Nokia N78. There is a short version on the Nokia 100 and Nokia X1-01, although it sounded worse on those.
  • Next comes the 2011 version, it has bells & chimes. Included on the Nokia N9.
  • Next is the remix, known as Nokia Tune Remix, included on the N9 and Lumia series. In .mp3 format
  • Next is the 2013 version, same as the 2011, but higher pitched and a minor change. Included on the Nokia Lumia series and a few series 30 phones. In .wma format.
  • Next is the one only on the present series 30 phones, such as the Nokia 108 from 2013, a chimy bells tune. It is on the .aac format
  • On the series 200 phones in 2013, there is a polyphonic Nokia tune. It is more chimy and harmonious.
  • There's another polyphonic one that's only used on the Nokia 3310 3G in 2017. It is not used on any other phones
  • Last but not least, is the current Nokia tune. It is used on current Nokia phones from 2018 to present. In the .ogg format.