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  • Always assume good faith. This is the assumption that all edits made on this wiki are made with the intent to improve it. Avoid outright reverting edits that seem to have been made in good faith unless it is very obvious vandalism. If you must do so, explain why, either in the edit summary or on the user's message wall.
  • Be respectful - avoid harassing or trolling other users, as it usually leads to a long drawn out argument that tends to end with all participants getting banned.
  • Under the Wikia Terms of Use, You must be 13 years old or older to legally to have an Wikia account.
    • However, if you are underaged, you may still have an account on this wiki, as long as you don't post information about yourself (like your age, gender, location, etc.). If you do so, you may be reported to Wikia Staff, at which point your account will be disabled.
  • Also, No Sockpuppeting! Unless you move to a new account/make a new leaf. Sockpuppet is commonly used for bypassing Chat bans and Blocks.
    • If you disagree with your block/chat ban, contact one of the admins in this wiki. They're basically polite to you.
  • You can actually share your phone, asking for trobleshooting and problems in the forum.
  • Also see the Help desk for wikia technical stuff.